TEA - SELECTION BLUE INDIA and Tea Accessories

We have added the branding "BLUE INDIA" to our range.

The whole tea collection of high quality and exclusive teas is available for retail sale.


Fine Black Teas

Highly priced teas, finely flavoured tea blends of top quality from exclusive tea gardens.


"The Green Vitality" - noble Green Teas

Fine, classic grean teas grown in the best regions or teas flavoured with fruits and flowers.


Black Tea Compositions

Flavoured with flowers, leaves and fruits.


Fruit Teas - Blends or Pure

A popular alternative to black tea - full flavoured and refreshing.

Try a few of our different types of flavourings from our wide range of fruit teas.


Flavoursome Rooibusch and Herbal Teas

A multitude of delicious blends and flavours. 



*** We are looking for new retail partners (NOT FRANCHISE) ***


We can offer exclusivity for our products in your area.

Feel free to ask for full literature or to discuss your interest further.


We look forward to a fruitful business relationship !